Pony Rides


Family Games







Saturday July 19 , 2014

9:00am - 6:00pm

Colt Park  -  Hartford, Connecticut 

Rock On

Bands Performers







For The Whole Family





                    Main Stage

9:00 am  

Festival Starts



9:30 am  

Professors of Sweet Sweet Music




Governor's Foot Guard Band




Opening Ceremonies with Grand Marshal Congressman John Larson 


Special Presentation to the Museum of CT History by Colt Manufacturing





Mystic Bowie 




Kenny Mehler Band




Festival Ends


Enjoy a variety of beers


Bring your friends



   Beer Garden 


Lots of Food


Arts & Crafts




 Merchants & Food Vendors


Go Back in time!


See what baseball use to be like!



   Vintage Baseball




Morning greetings & welcome to the festival with Musical selections by various working artist and non artist. 


qusharia perry & Wu tang performance set.


11:00AM introduction/announcement of eight sixty customs mini skate park stage exhibition,the skate off, bboy and mural announcement.


12:00 DANCE performance BY TNMOT AZTRO.


12:30 skate exhibition games 1st/2nd cash

prize winner.


1:15  Dom Mclennon asf a.Willy.. eight sixty set..DJ SET !! 


2:30  Matthew resiman that flavor show.



2:50 Funk bots performance..


3:00 Bboy dance prize winners.


4:30 signing the card for the final time....ASF CREW AND A.WILLY performance. 



5:00 celebration dance party/open skate and giant photo !!.

Qusharia perry 

18 years old Northend Hartford CT. born and raised. Is a singer songwriter/ guitarist for the band veeva and the wind, Graduated from Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts. She currently performs in Hartford and various festivals such as impact fest and Trinity Hip-Hop Fest. Channel 5 has done a video segment on perry as well as the trinity college radio hosted by Seth Markle. 
You can check out more of her at.....

A.willy the captain 
A.willy the Captain aka. Alfonso Wilkerson II is an Northend Hartford CT bred and born Artist. A.willy is the originator of the highway music volumes original composed classic Hip-Hop mixtapes. You can find his music on along with his recent mixtape Growing Pains.

Tang Sauce 
Tang Sauce From Hartford CT. was recently mentioned as a torch bearer for the direction that hip hop is going by Abiodune of the legendary Last Poets. He has performed in various orginizations through out Hartford such as Hartford North End Corps, 
Artists Collectives “Youth Jazz Ensemble” founded by Dollie and Jackie Mclean, Manchester Salvation Army’s senior band. 2012 where he was casted as a dancer in Sidney Lumet’s “The Wiz”, MaPeach production.
United Outkast crew which Tang Sauce is a member of, took a victory at “Bboy Massacre 8” also the same year that the T.O.B crew which Tang Sauce is also a member of won “Funk the politics”, both dance tournaments. In  2013  Tang Sauce was cast as the lead role of Joseph Asagai in the MaPeach production of Lorraine Hansberry’s “A Rasin in the Sun”. Currently, Tang Sauce is focused on the piano mostly, along with building himself creatively, artistically, looking forward to a bright future of peace, positive thinking, wisdom, understanding, friends, sound, words, movements, thoughts and love.

  Dom mclennon is a new poster child for creativity & uniqueness.

 A Representative of Hartford County in Connecticut, McLennon has always marched to the beat of his own, different drum. McLennon provides a fresh & creatively undeniable sound through an optimistic, sometimes ominous "anti-cynical" musical style exuding skill and discipline; taking a more post-modern approach to rapping, writing & producing. 

McLennon's latest endeavor; THESIS, has received critical acclaim from various hip-hop content outlets, Including: Complex Magazine, A cover story on England's VRS MAG and various national & international other content outlets.


ASF- Alive Since Forever, is a collective that breaks from that tradition. This squad has members from all over the country & beyond, from Grenada & Canada to Miami, Florida, to East Hartford, Connecticut. Keeping this collection of creative artists together is a tough task, but it becomes even more impressive when you realize that there are over thirty members under their ASF flag.

This collective has taken the Do It Yourself mentality to new heights. While majority of the crew is comprised of emcees and producers, the group has in-house designers, engineers, videographers, and management. All connecting through internet & social media to meet, Alive Since Forever is something truly unique. Rarely do you a see an assemblage of so many different creative people all using their talents for one common goal. It’s impressive and admirable to say the least.

Matthew A. Reisman


Founded in 2010, Matthew Reisman is a Connecticut based designer with a passion for creating clothing that combines a fusion of modern sophistication with a demure sex appeal. Reismans artistic abilities were encouraged by his grandmother who taught him many different forms of art mediums. Throughout his childhood, Reisman was exposed to different techniques and creative opportunities, which encouraged creative thinking and helped, developed his artist eye.bIt was until his college year that Reisman really took an interest in fashion. On his 21st birthday Reisman was gifted a professional camera by his mother and twin sister, which lead to an interest in fashion based photography. After some time of photographing his friends around his college campus, Reisman shortly realized his passion lied within the cloths themselves rather than the captured images. In 2010 Reisman began to self-educate himself on methods of sewing and garment construction. After graduating college in 2012 with a degree in Business Administration Reisman enrolled night time sewing classes at a local community college where he was able to develop professional techniques and build his first full collection entitled "Regal". It is from this point in which Resiman developed a strong interest in developing a brand of his own. Today Reisman has become a go to custom designer in the Connecticut Area, producing his very own shows and continuing to build the Matthew A Reisman Brand.

That Flavor Boutique~Sara Berger

“That Flavour Boutique” is not your typical shoe store. In fact, it’s anything but…

Fashion-forward, fun, and funky “That Flavour Boutique” is bridging the gap between urban- chic and corporate sophistication. 

From the artist to the executive, we’ve got you covered; offering a variety of footwear for every lifestyle.

 “That Flavour Boutique” is conveniently located in the Pratt Street Historic District in Downtown Hartford, Connecticut.  

Individualism through personal style- this is Hartford.

sman Brand.

Eightsixty Custom Skate Shop


Formally known as (Eightsixty Skate Shop) opened its doors in West Hartford Ct. in 2010 by a passionate skateboarder and local resident of Hartford Jami "Frog" Dolce. Being the only skater owned and operated shop in the area, it created an outlet for the skateboarding community for the first time ever in more than 20yrs. Featured in Thrasher Magazine in 2010 as "Shop of the month" and in multiple newspapers in the Greater Hartford area it was an instant success. The shop was  put together with a come as you are, home style feel where everyone who came in was concreted family. It created great times, fun events and much more. After 2yrs. the shop struggled with its own battles of being a small business and the harsh New England weather. After time and a few miss matched partnerships it started to lose its way, something needed to happen that would give it that spark again, and it did. in 2012 a long time childhood friend, and avid break dancer/graffiti artist Christopher "Pepe" Burby joined forces with Jami to bring to life Eightsixty Custom. The word "Custom" says it all, the two have created something that will change the culture of skateboarding, breaking, graffiti and custom style in Hartford community. Eightsixty Custom was re-opened in 2013 with the same home style feel and welcoming Aura. The inside of the shop is an art form itself with graffiti from some of the areas best artist, laced with a dance floor that caters to some of the illest bboys in the East Coast.  Eightsixty Custom is the spot to see some amazing performances. All our clothing is either made by us on site or crafted by local artist trying to showcase their talent. We have skateboard rails and boxes outside, and a mini half-pipe that has seen its share of amazing skating. We strive to create amazing events and multiple artistic opportunities for the youth in Hartford to keep them busy, off the streets and creative. Our dream is to open an indoor skate park so that the youth have a place to go all season instead of dealing with the hibernation and harshness of New England weather. We are planning on doing charity events and fund raisers, as well as events for the inner city youth. Our "Never quit" and "Go for broke" attitude still continues as we strive to succeed as an artistic powerhouse as well as the most motivational business in the area. Eightsixty Custom is far more than just a business, its way of life for the youth who walk threw our doors. So if you are ever in the area and want to get a feel of what we are all about, stop on in and feel right  at home. -Jami "Frog" Dolce & Christoper "Pepe" Burby

Arien Wilkerson/TNMOT-AZTRO


Arien Wilkerson , born and raised in Hartford, CT is the rehearsal Director For EQuilibrium Dance Theater . He began his dance training under the tutelage of Jolet Creary, and shortly  after started performing for individuals such as Rennie Harris, Pop Master Fabel, Sam Waters, Jasmine Guy and Jody Rell. He also attended the Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts, Artists Collective, and Earl Mosley institute of the Arts to enhance his training in contemporary, Ballet and jazz dance. At EMIA, he was able to perform works by Earl Mosley, Sharon Wong and Jullian Barnett. He also received a scholarship to travel abroad to Cape Verde, Africa to train with Choreographer Manu Preto and his company Raiz di Polon along with Deborah Goffe Director of Scapegoat Garden.
In 2009, He received NEFA (New England Foundation of the Arts)  Award For New Emerging  choreographer as well a scholarship to study Art History in Eastern Europe Through the Greater Hartford Arts Acadamey. Arien is currently working as choreographer, dancer, and film artists for his company TNMOT AZTRO  and has set  work on EQuilibrium, and Connetic Dance. His work has been seen  presented in all of  there concerts, dance festivals and  other productions / collaborations. Most recently, Mr. Wilkerson performed as a special guest to Doug Elkin's and Friend in Fraulein Maria along with premiering His companies newest Work entitled The Projector Series at the Scapegoat Garden Contemporary Center for Dance. Mr. Wilkerson Is now Store Manager and stylist/Curator for HARDENCO. (Hartford Denim Co.) and resides Currently in the Northend of Hartford Where is From. 


TNMOT-AZTRO: creates performance and installation works which blend dance, fashion and visual media by engaging collaborations with artists from throughout Connecticut and beyond.  The Hartford-based company expresses its passion for originality, color, purpose and freedom through film/video, photography, DJing, projector installations and multimedia performances. Artistic Director Arien wilkerson created the alter ego Tnmot-Aztro  in 2010.